Best food to eat before going to the gym

Across the world, there are millions of people who are desperate for losing weight. This is because there are so many people who have been leading unhealthy lifestyles, which include ingestion of fatty foods and inadequate exercise regimes. This has led to the mushrooming of gyms and fitness clinics across the USA and also across the globe, as millions of people hit their gyms early in the morning or in the evening in a bid to get fit, lose weight and become smart. However, before going for workouts it’s necessary to take a look at the best food before the gym.

A lot of people go to their workouts without eating. Some of these people perhaps are so busy that they do not have enough time to eat. On the other hand, there are also a set of people who do not eat before gym workout deliberately. They are under the impression that if they fast they will hasten the fat losing process, which is not exactly true. Under times of siege, the body in fact retains calories and prevents weight loss.

It’s quite a proven fact that to get the best way to maximize the gains from your workout is to have food to eat before the gym and your exercise regime. If you are starving, your body will indeed impact the level of your fat reserves and also your energy levels. This will come in the way of your exercise workouts and leave you very tired and exhausted. It does make sense to have food when you are going to the gym. This is because the extra calories will give you a lot of extra energy to optimally perform your exercises.

What food to eat before the gym workout session is also important? Just because we say that you need to eat before a workout does not mean that you will eat a full course meal just prior to the workout. If you eat too much before the exercise, the body would send the blood flow to the stomach in a rush while the blood is also trying to flow to the muscles during the workout, which is not ideal in the least. Do remember that the body takes around 4-6 hours to digest fat, 2-3 hours to digest proteins and about 2 hours to digest carbohydrates so do not overload your system with too much food.

It is advisable to have a balanced meal of some carbohydrates, protein and fat 4 hours before the workout and just before the workout have some light carbohydrate snack closer to when the exercise begins. If you have just 3 hours before the workout, have some lighter meal and cut down on the fat and the protein intake. If you have 15 minutes to half an hour before the workout, you can have an energy drink to tide you over the gym session.

So now that you know the best food before the gym, you can go ahead and enjoy a meaningful and calorie-burning workout.

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