Does tanning make you look skinny?

Have you ever noticed that most people with a tan look a lot skinnier and more toned?  I’m not sure if it’s technically been proven, but there seems to be a general consensus with people I’ve asked as well as all over the Internet that tanning does indeed make you look skinner.

Tanning, whether you tan naturally or go to a tanning salon, can definitely make your body seem more toned and appear to be skinnier.  It’s sort of like how wearing black can hide imperfections a lot better than other colors, having tan skin does the same thing.  If your skin is naturally light, or pale, having a tan will not only make you feel better about yourself, but it can make you appear skinner.  You might have noticed that people ask you if you’ve lost weight during the summer.  While you might have, it’s probably related to your tan!

So what’s a quick way to look skinny? Go get a tan!

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