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May 3rd, 2009 @3:56 pm  

I, personally, have mixed feelings about the Wii Fit. As a “gateway drug” it’s a great way to make people aware of their level of fitness and general health levels, but beyond that the opportunity cost outweighs the benefit of using it. There are far more efficient ways to achieve fitness goals and there are more entertaining ways to spend your leisure time.

I can certainly see the merit of the device, I’m not saying it’s a horrible waste of money, but we live in a society of ‘quick fixes” that never work as advertised, or at all, and putting something like this in someone’s living room as the “easy” way to get in shape is, at best a distraction and, at worst, misleading. Ultimately, people who want to lose weight and be in shape need to accept that it takes hard work, effort, blood, sweat and tears, not some magic pill, device or mythical “Chinese weight loss program”.

In the end, though, the Wii Fit will reach audiences and increase activity in people who would never otherwise even think about it which is good… after all, SOME activity is better than none, and a small percentage of them will make the transition away from it and into a more beneficial exercise regime which is even better, but the software is not designed for people to treat it as an entry point into being healthy, it’s designed to keep people using it and, in the end, it’s a crutch that most people using it will never get off of.

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