Does the Wii Fit help you lose weight?

The Wii fit is an innovative weight loss kit which claims to reduce excess weight of individuals effectively in a very easy method. Is it really true? Does the wii fit help you lose weight? The journey of burning out the extra calories involves lot of fun filled activities which makes it a motivating factor. This kit would prove to be very useful for individuals who have the sincere intention of losing weight and are willing to put their best efforts on the same.

There are a variety of suggestions which have been presented in the kit. They are worth trying and if you successfully follow the instructions given for the activities and exercises, you are sure to experience a great workout session. Otherwise, if you are just pressing the controls on the screen, you can only view the results on screen and not on your body.

You can lose weight using the Wii fit. The running and step aerobics activities are quite interesting. You can unlock “Free Step” once you master the advanced level. Wiimote announces the number of steps you have completed and also the details about how long you still have to go. However, you also have the option to silence and step at a pace that is convenient to you. In this case, you cannot follow the recommended beat but you can still know how many steps you have done. Similarly, when you unlock free run, you can mention how long you would want to run for and also use the tool to creatively measure various other activities. You can also perform great strength exercises coupled with yoga. The sit up sessions are quite challenging.

Hula hoop definitely sends your heart beat racing and also causes sweat. The rhythm boxing exercise is a great warm-up. After a while, the pattern becomes monotonous but the interesting mix up gives variety and makes every workout experience quite different and fulfilling.

However, the wii fit also has its share of criticisms. Though working out an exercise routine with the wii kit is definitely a challenge, unlocking the variety of activities and exercises is not too difficult as Wii fit reveals the results too early. In addition, you do not have downloadable activities.

In addition, some of the blunt messages and terminologies used by the software are quite discouraging and it could have a negative psychological effect on the minds of the people.

Also, some of the diet and nutrition experts have reported that lose weight using the Wii fit will not help lose the body mass index (BMI) and the software is quite misleading, but it may help an individual to be healthier and increase metabolism levels. The best way to keep a body fit is to exercise well and to consume a low calorie highly nutritious balanced diet with fibrous food and also a lot of water.

Another controversy about the kit is the claim that it is cheaper than visiting a nearby gym. This is not an acceptable argument since daily workouts in a gym on a regular basis would definitely yield great results. In fact, if the gym also has a swimming pool, you are quite lucky as it would give a one-stop opportunity to work on every muscle without getting sun burnt.

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One thought on “Does the Wii Fit help you lose weight?

  1. I, personally, have mixed feelings about the Wii Fit. As a “gateway drug” it’s a great way to make people aware of their level of fitness and general health levels, but beyond that the opportunity cost outweighs the benefit of using it. There are far more efficient ways to achieve fitness goals and there are more entertaining ways to spend your leisure time.

    I can certainly see the merit of the device, I’m not saying it’s a horrible waste of money, but we live in a society of ‘quick fixes” that never work as advertised, or at all, and putting something like this in someone’s living room as the “easy” way to get in shape is, at best a distraction and, at worst, misleading. Ultimately, people who want to lose weight and be in shape need to accept that it takes hard work, effort, blood, sweat and tears, not some magic pill, device or mythical “Chinese weight loss program”.

    In the end, though, the Wii Fit will reach audiences and increase activity in people who would never otherwise even think about it which is good… after all, SOME activity is better than none, and a small percentage of them will make the transition away from it and into a more beneficial exercise regime which is even better, but the software is not designed for people to treat it as an entry point into being healthy, it’s designed to keep people using it and, in the end, it’s a crutch that most people using it will never get off of.

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